Maximise radar visibility

Armed Forces training for radar-guided shooting

Application use

Operators of weapon systems with radar regularly train in order to perfect their skills. The challenge consists of presenting a simulated target, whether static or mobile, in front of the radar. The simulated target is representative of a real target in terms of dynamic behaviour and Radar Cross Section (RCS) in order to make destructive shots (target impact) or non-destructive shots (target vicinity).

Air : Air-Air aerial training shots at autonomous drones or towed targets / Air-Ground shots at land-based targets / Air-sea shots at naval targets

Land : Air-Ground training shots from a land-based weapon system at autonomous drones or towed targets / Ground-Ground shots at landbased targets / Ground-Sea shots at naval targets.

Sea : Sea-Air training shots from an aircraft carrier weapon system at autonomous drones or tow aerial targetss / Sea-Sea shots at floating naval targets

Operational requirements

  • Radar visibility : total effectiveness of training shots
  • Integration : easily adapted to any type of autonomous or towed target
  • Constant RCS across a wide angle of view : broad detection range for moving targets & weapon systems
  • Remote control : programmable RCS before or during exercise
  • Budget savings : consumable and economic solutions for destructive shooting training


Increase the Radar Cross-Section of a target


Various RCS levels
Wide angle of view
Radar tracking without ambiguity