ARES product range

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, ARES can be easily integrated on a large range of aerial, land and naval targets for military training purposes involving radar-guided firing.
The ARES product range can also be used for civil or military radar qualification and calibration purposes.


ARES818-V is a broad band compact Active Radar Reflector designed for military training missions involving radar-guided firing. It operates in the X and Ku band thanks to left hand circular polarization antennas allowing the system to support all types of radar polarization. The strength of the echo is defined and adjusted by the end user, from low to very high Radar Cross Section (RCS), thanks to the rotary encoder.


ARES818-M is the high-end version of the ARES818-V offering more features and new options.

(Under development…)

The system settings are adjusted by the user through a Graphical User Interface (GUI).