Certificate of Appreciation from Bangladesh Army

Latest success


Based on the success of the tests in collaboration with our client RCsolutionBD, the Bangladesh Army has just delivered us a certificate of appreciation attesting to the success of the radar-guided shooting trainings.

Test configuration:

  • L√ľneberg reflector XMR08.5, Lun’tech
  • ADT target drone, RCsolutionBD
  • Weapon system: FM90 Missile system & Oerlikon Gun system

For several months Lun’tech has accompanied RCsolutionBD on this project by providing its advice and its know-how praised by the Bangladesh army. 

We are proud of this certificate which reflects our commitment and the quality of our products.

We thank the Bangladesh Army and congratulate the members of RCsolutionBD for this certification.

RCsolutionBD, the Bangladesh Army
ADT target drone, RCsolutionBD
certificate of appreciation